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Recognized as Top 25 Retail Technology Solution Provider in Asia Pacific Marketby APAC CIO Outlook, a global magazine



Company Profile:

Rise Retail & Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a technology solution provider primarily focused at the retail industry. We develop retail based technology solutions to enhance business and profitability of the retailer. We intend to create a revolution in the way a consumer experiences a purchase at a traditional retail outlet. We want to partner with the retailer and the end consumers to create an integrated ecosystem where all the stake holders get benefited with an enjoyable interactions.
Our effort is to develop simple-to-use solutions for the complex problems of businesses and educate & train traditional businesses to transition them to a modern, more efficient management style.
Besides technology, our aim is to bring various partners in the retail value chain to create values for everyone - the business, retailers, partners and the most important stakeholder - the consumers.
We are a Pune based technology firm with strong expertise in understanding retail based solutions. At present we have presence in 10 major cities in India. The company was set up in 2014 under the guidance of retail banking experts with over 20 years of experience.

Our Mission:

"Our mission is to bring revolution in the retail industry (SME) and empower retail business through our innovative products and educate them to use technology to bring efficiency in their business to achieve higher sales, higher revenue."

Key business drivers:
  • Partnership in growth
  • Simple and affordable solutions
  • Transparent & honest approach
  • Strong values and ethics
  • Thought & innovation driven culture

Our Objective:

We want to work towards bringing in a revolution in the way retail industry works. We cannot think of an economy without the brick & mortar model of business. With the growth of no. of consumers and their purchasing power, there are many models to capitalize on consumer's preferences and behaviours. Existing business dynamics forces SME (small & medium enterprises) to get dominated by the large format stores and online giants.
Our objective is to empower these small & medium enterprises to bring in more value for the consumer and themselves.



Key Benefits:

To Retailer:
  • Increase in sales by adding new customers
  • Customer retention
  • Increase in sales by enhancing purchase value
  • Margin enhancement
  • Reaching customers quick & easy
  • Modern & electronic way of managing business
  • Creates bonding with customer (customer community)
To Customers:
  • Trust of consumer through transparent approach
  • Convenience for consumers
  • Enjoyable experience for the consumers
  • Aware of the benefits in nearby stores
  • Availing direct benefits in terms of discount