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About Us

Rise Retail & Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a technological solution provider primarily focused on SMB (small and medium business). We develop cost-effective retail-focused technology solutions to enhance the business and profitability of the retailer. Our intent is to revolutionize the purchase experience for a consumer at stores and make it enjoyable with a more value-driven experience.

We want to enable stores with an integrated business management approach with key growth drivers such as - Consumer engagement, new customer growth, and efficient store process management. We strive to continuously work on identifying challenges for a store and provide solutions using technology.

  • Our effort is to develop simple-to-use solutions for the complex problems of businesses along with educating & training traditional businesses to transit them to a modern, more efficient management style.
  • Our long-term objective is to create an integrated ecosystem of businesses and consumers where they create and deliver value to each other and make the interactions enjoyable.
  • We are a Pune based firm founded in Aug 2014 under the guidance of leadership with immense experience in retail, payment, and banking domain. We are empowering businesses in India in over 20 Tier 1 & 2 cities.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to bring revolution in the retail industry (SMB) and empower retail businesses through our innovative products and educate them to use technology to bring efficiency in their business to achieve higher sales & loyal customer base."

Rise Retail & Payment Solutions provides a tech platform (SaaS) to retailers to enable their business growth through

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Store Process management and
  • New customer traffic generation

Our target market is unorganized retailers. Our products have been devised as a user-friendly solution for their complicated business problems and are priced affordable.


Some of the services we are providing

Consumer Engagement

Our multi-pronged consumer engagement tools empower in:

  • Customer retention
  • Engaging customers with delight
  • Improves customer frequency & spend
  • Loyalty management program
  • Wishes and reminders
  • Lost customer tracking
  • Membership management
  • In-depth analysis of customer portfolio.
    And many more

Store Process Management

Our modules focus on:

  • Enhancing efficiency of operations
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ease of operations
  • Customer delight
  • Detailed Invoice
  • Quick bill for small stores
  • Stock management
  • Staff management
  • Expense management
  • Appointment
    And many more

New Customer Traffic

Key business growth driver is the constant effort in attracting new customers

  • Campaign management
  • Brand creation with customer delight focus
  • Successful referral from existing channel
  • Measure marketing channels impact
  • Promotional campaign
  • Quick bill for small stores
  • Analytic based target customers
  • Customer referral program
  • Offer Coupon management
  • Managing efficiency of promotions
    And many more

Rise Power

In-depth understanding of retail segments and providing specific solutions

  • Tech solutions for unknown segments
  • Business intelligence and tech affinity
  • A All-in-one solution
  • Category agnostic yet category focused
  • Customer Feedback management
  • Customer ledger
  • Eye power data storage for Optic stores
  • Fashion stores/ Clothing specific solution
  • Skin/ Hair analysis management

Other Digitization

Various other programs run by us to solve your issue of digitization challenge

  • Identifying key problem area
  • Providing tech solution to bring efficiency
  • Simple & effective solution for every issue

Payment Solutions

Providing solution of payment acceptance

  • Accept payment through any channel
  • Bank agnostic current account
  • Bundled solutions to offer more values

Whom We Serve

Categories that we serve



7,000 Onwards

    Basic Modules
  • • 12 months validity
  • • Easy renewal process
  • • Consumer engagement


14,000 Onwards

    Premium Modules
  • • 12 months validity
  • • Easy renewal process
  • • Consumer engagement
  • • Store process management
  • • New customer traffic
  • • Consumer login

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Rise Retail

Level 9, TEC, Tower 2, World Trade Center, Kharadi, Pune- 411014, India

Rise Retail & Payment Solutions Pvt Ltd.
provides technology solution to SMB (small & medium business) to empower them and help in biz. growth.

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